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Shooting Gallery ( #20-081B )

Red Willow Reservoir SRA
10/05/2021 02:30pm  (15 days left)
Engineering Division Office
Colin Carney

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Project #20-081B

The following is a list of current projects open to public bidding (3)

Bathroom/Shower Addition

Location(s): Fort Kearny SRA
Bid Date/Time: 10/04/2021 03:00PM
Bid Location: Engineering Division Office
Project #20-110

Shooting Gallery

Location(s): Red Willow Reservoir SRA
Bid Date/Time: 10/05/2021 02:30PM
Bid Location: Engineering Division Office
Project #20-081B

Iron Horse Park Lake

Location(s): North Platte
Bid Date/Time: 10/05/2021 03:00PM
Bid Location: Engineering Division Office
Project #20-206